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Talent concept

Talent concept

Human resource development is the most important responsibility of every top manager. We ensure that all top employees have the opportunity to participate in and build a successful human resource policy.


1、Talent strategy

We follow the talent core value evaluation guidance of "results oriented and value contributor oriented". Through clear and fair goal management, performance management mechanism, talent incentive mechanism and career development mechanism, we constantly attract, retain and encourage more excellent talents to grow and succeed.


Liding provides employees with opportunities and space to give play to their unique talents and creativity. The company conducts a systematic human resources inventory every quarter to help the company analyze each employee's personal advantages, career potential and development status, and provide targeted support in time.


2、Personnel training

Through the establishment of a structured talent development and training system, the company continuously promotes the career development of employees in different dimensions such as knowledge, skills and qualities, and actively helps employees to achieve common growth of individuals and the company based on their own advantages and actively participate in the development of the top career.
Liding attaches particular importance to the construction of team culture, and is committed to establishing and maintaining a simple, transparent, United, cooperative, warm and enthusiastic organizational culture mechanism and team cooperation atmosphere, encouraging partners to develop efficient collaborative relationships and workplace friendship, and working together to promote the development of Liding's career.
In the future, Liding will continue to introduce more excellent talents to join us and work hard with all partners to better realize Liding's mission and vision.

3、Career development

Liding attaches importance to providing employees with good and sustainable career development and growth opportunities, and builds and improves talent growth opportunities from multiple angles and levels from entry to on-the-job and job transfer.


When new employees join Liding, the human resources department of the company is responsible for leading the training plan at the initial stage of employment. HR and the new employee supervisor determine the professional line tutor, and prepare the 90 day integration and guidance plan before the new employee enters the job, so as to help the new employee integrate into the organization and enter the role more smoothly.

5、Tutor mechanism

The tutor mechanism is an important basic support for establishing the top talent development system. The company is closely connected through coach (tutor system) and compass (talent and career development planning). If you join the top team, especially the graduate reserve talents, you will be assisted by professional tutors and HR partners to help you start a new career. They will regularly communicate with you on special topics, provide you with work and learning training and other relevant suggestions, listen to your voice, timely understand the challenges and difficulties you encounter in your work progress, and work with you to break through limitations and achieve goals at all stages.
Liding actively encourages employees who have dreams, pursue progress and are willing to break through the limitations of personal career development to challenge higher goals in their daily work. The company will give more support in this process.

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